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Sid Majeti


Hi everyone! My name is Sid Majeti and I am a rising junior majoring in computer science. I have been a part of Coders SB ever since my freshman year and have met some of my closest friends through Coders! In my free time I like to play basketball and go on runs along the beach. Hope to you see you guys soon at our events!

David Wang

Vice President

Hi my name is David. I'm a second-year computer science major. Some of the topics I'm most interested in exploring are computer vision and machine learning. In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, video games (Apex legends and league šŸ’€), and reading manga/watching anime. Recently I've also had a fun time learning how to cook.

Vidit Agrawal

General Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Vidit and I'm a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I'm super excited to meet and get to know everyone this year! A little bit about me: I love to hike and do outdoorsy things like paddleboarding, kayaking, going to the beach, etc. I also really like to listen to music and hang out with friends

Elaine Ho

General Officer

Hello! my name is Elaine Ho and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science! During my free time, I love embroidering, sewing clothes, acrylic painting, and watching kdramas.

Sangita Kunapuli

General Officer

Hi my name is Sangita! I'm a third year undergrad studying computer science! In my free time, I enjoy exploring new music, singing a cappella, and bullet journaling.

Aditi Phatak

General Officer

Hi my name is Aditi Phatak and I am a second year undergraduate majoring in computer science. During my free time, I enjoy crocheting, going on sunrise runs at the beach, and binge watching shows.

Ethan Yuan

General Officer

Hey all! My name is Ethan Yuan and Iā€™m a first year Computer Science major! In my free time, I love working out, playing basketball, and vibing to music. Looking forward to having a great year!

Jennifer Zhu

General Officer

Hi! My name is Jennifer Zhu and I'm a freshmen majoring in Computer Science. In my spare time, I love painting, reading, and grabbing coffee with friends. Excited to meet everyone!

Rohil Shah

General Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Rohil Shah and I'm a first-year majoring in computer science. I'm also interested in physics, linguistics, and mathematics, especially their overlap with CS. In my free time I enjoy reading and learning languages.

Shamita Gurusu

General Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Shamita and I am a second-year computer science major interested in NLP(Natural Language Processing) and computer vision. I am an avid sunset and chocolate connoisseur and love all things outdoors(hiking, diving, kayaking, etc.). Looking forward to meeting y'all this year!

Eugene Wong

General Officer

Hihi! My name is Eugene and I am a first-year computer science major. Any free time I have, you can expect me to be cubing, playing TFT, drinking boba, and binging k-dramas. It's great to meet you all!