Winter 2021 Project Series

In this project series you will work with a team of up to 4 to create a full stack web application using React, the industry standard for building user interfaces. At the end of the quarter, your team will participate in our showcase where you will be able to display your final product to a panel of judges. All skill levels are welcome. Stay tuned for more information on our panel and exciting prizes!

Throughout the quarter, we will have 7 events from week 2-9 (with a gap week in week 8) on Thursday @ 7-8:30PM. Each meeting will consist of a 20-40 minute workshop and the remaining time will be used for checking in with your project mentor as well as an open space to work and ask questions. These meetings will be conducted using both zoom and discord. To remain qualified to present in our showcase, your team can only miss two events.

Introducting Coders SB's project series.Workshop1: Creating and hosting a React application.Workshop2: React fundamentals.

Introducing our project series!

workshop 1 | slideshow | video recording | code

workshop 2 | slideshow | video recording | code

Workshop3: Google OAuth Sign In.Midpoint Showcase.Workshop 4: Creating and hosting a React application.

workshop 3 | slideshow | video recording | code

Midpoint Showcase | slideshow | video recording

workshop 4 | slideshow | video recording | code

Workshop5: connect to database.There are no workshops this week. Use this time to finish up your Website.Final Project Showcase!

workshop 5 | slideshow | video recording | code

Work Week

Project Showcase


Folder with all our resources.

Learn how to set up your GitHub repo here.

Learn how to set up your React app here.

Learn the fundamentals of React here.

Watch a video tutorial of React here.

Create a navbar using React router here.

Learn how to host your website in Firebase here.

Frequently Asked Questions