Welcome to
Coders SB!

A student org at UCSB that strives to help
students develop the skills to build real-world,
impactful software applications.

11/22/2022 @ 7:00 PM Click to learn more!
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11/11/2022 @ 7:00 PM Click to learn more!

Our Mission

Welcome to Coders SB! Our goal is to bridge the gap between classes at UCSB and the real-world. Enabling you to build real world programs, apps, websites, utilities, and services. Come learn about scalable web services, APIs, iOS/Android Applications, or professional-looking websites that will impress anyone.

Coders SB provides an environment where students can have fun building cool stuff with their peers, improving both their programming and collaboration skills, which are vital to working in the industry (and boosting their resume!). We will also host workshops and have industry professionals come and share their wisdom with us.

Most importantly, we're extremely open and welcoming to students of all ages and skill-sets, from freshmen with no experience to seniors with various internships and hackathon awards. Come to our next meeting to join to get started! Let's build something! Here are the companies we've worked with